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Entrance of the chair urban design introduces itself

urban design introduces itself


The Chair and Institute for Urban Design deals with complex urban structures, reaching from the regional to the city context and from the quarter to related architectural questions. Based on historically-evolved urban structures we focus on the design, development and reshaping of future-proof cities and districts under consideration of their technical, ecological, economic and socio-cultural circumstances. Thematic emphases include regionally different demographic and economic developments, the simultaneity of growth and shrinkage processes, changes in living and working conditions, as well as infrastructural innovation. 

The focus of teaching is on urban development, including typological components of the city as well as basic principles and methods of urban design. In this way, a principal understanding of urban complexity and cause-and-effect relationships as well as instruments for the evaluation and design of liveable urban spaces shall be developed. Complementary content includes topics from urban and regional planning, technical infrastructure, planning law, urban land-use planning, construction in the context of cultural heritage, and methods of representation in urban planning. As a rule, current key research areas are included in teaching and learning activities. 

The Working Lab Urban Heritage Management, which is affiliated to the Chair and Institute of Urban Design, deals with the “memory” of the city, the significance of the historic building structure with regard to the identity of the city and into tommorrow‘s urban development. Players from university, science and practice suggest among other activities an annual conference on urban heritage management and a series of publications entitled “Contributions to Urban Heritage Management” to establish ties between teaching, research and practice in the municipalities.

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Awards and Prizes

Year Awards

Teaching Award SS2019 of the Student Council for Architecture
3rd prize - Module "Knowledge Creates City"
Claudia Kruschwitz

2014 Teaching Award SS2013 of the Student Council for Architecture
1st prize - Lecture "Building and Planning Law"
Stefan Krapp
2014 Teaching Award SS2013 of the Student Council for Architecture
2nd prize - Project M2 "Inner village development, Belgium"
Stefan Krapp