[AZ] Aachen receives Unesco Chair




Christa Reicher

Head of Chair and Institute


+49 241 80 95033



"The University of Aa-
chen will receive a chair that will deal
with the world heritage and the urban
construction. The World Cultural
Unesco is establishing it
with the RWTH, the university and Unesco
the university and Unesco.
announced. It will be headed by Professor
Christa Reicher, Professor of Urban Planning.
This means that in Germany 16
Unesco chairs contribute to the implementation
of the Global Sustainability Agenda
da. The Aachen chair will
on the topics of urban design,
building culture and the preservation of
urban heritage. In this context
questions of social coexistence, the
social coexistence, the interrelationships
between city and countryside, as well as
of cultural heritage also play a major role, said
of the German Unesco Commission, Maria Böh-
Unesco Commission, Maria Böh- mer.
mer. Identity and sustainability
are closely connected with the
with the architectural and cultural
origin of the place."