[BWT] Bonn Business Talk: Urban and Spatial Planning


49th Bonn Business Talk - Recording from 23 September 2021

From the foyer of the Kunstmuseum Bonn

After almost a year without an audience on site, we are pleased to be able to record in front of an audience again. We want to discuss the considerable importance of spatial and building planning for the business location with:

  • Prof. Christa Reicher, Urban Planner, Architect, Head of Institute for Urban Planning & Design RWTH AACHEN
  • Dr. Reimar Molitor, Executive Member of the Board of Region Köln/Bonn e.V.
  • Horst Burbulla, Initiator of AIRE - A Concert Tower for Bonn
  • Michael Westerhove, Managing Director of S Immobilienpartner GmbH
  • Moderation - Nathalie Bergdoll
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