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Prof. Dipl. -Ing.

Annelie Klasen-Habeney

Chair of Urban Design and Institute for Urban Design and European Urbanism



Short vita

Interdisciplinary cooperation

Competition successes and realised projects in the fields of residential construction and municipal facilities, especially with regard to listed buildings

Judging activities

Associate in the office Reicher Haase Architekten, Aachen

1997 - 2004: Member of the Design Advisory Board of the City of Aachen
Member of the Architecture and Urban Development Advisory Board of the City of Trier
Member of the advisory board of the city of Wesel
Member of the Advisory Committee on Complaints of the Government of the German-speaking Community of Belgium

2002 - 2004: Vice Dean of the Faculty of Architecture
1999 - 2016: Professorship at the FH Aachen, Department of Architecture, Urban Design, Basics of Urban Design
1997 - 1999: Professorship at the FH Düsseldorf, Department of Architecture/Interior Design, Urban Design Basics of Urban Design
1981 - 1986: Research assistant at the chair of urban and regional planning, Prof. Gerhard Curdes
1977 - 1981: Assistant lecturer at the FH Aachen, design
1976: Foundation of a partnership-managed office afa architektur-fabrik-aachen, office for construction and urban planning
1972 - 1976: Studied architecture at the RWTH Aachen
1969 - 1972: Study of architecture and urban planning at the Aachen University of Applied Sciences