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Digitalisation (affects) us all. We are faced with new decisions about where and how we will shop, get around, work, learn and maintain health. For the development of complex solutions to social challenges, the city of Aachen is more dependent than ever on the involvement of citizens.

Against this backdrop, the Department of Economics, Science, Digitalisation and Europe of the City of Aachen initiated the OecherLab together with the project partners - the Chair of Information Management in Mechanical Engineering (IMA) of RWTH Aachen University, Dialego AG and cowork AG. The project will initially run until August 2022 as part of the "Digital Model Communities NRW". In particular, the partnership-based cooperation between citizens, city administration, politics, science and business is promoted here.

Picture from the Oecher Lab Copyright: © städtebau


Since its opening on 25 March 2021, the Chair and Institute of Urban Design at RWTH Aachen University have been represented by the STADTWERKSTATT in the OecherLab. The STADTWERKSTATT sees itself as a meeting space between stakeholders from the universities, the city and civil society. Here we discuss ideas, projects and concepts for shaping the future of the city and region. As a development and creative space, the STADTWERKSTATT is a contact point for the interested city public, exhibition and event venue, discussion forum and marketplace of ideas.

Technical innovations, digitalisation and globalisation are changing the way we live and work. In this context, urban planning has the task of designing the best possible environment for all of us. Together we want to shape our future here at OecherLab - not only for Aachen, but for the entire region!

What if, ...

The next opportunity to visit the STADTWERKSTATT in the OecherLab will be at the beginning of 2022. Under the title VISIONS FOR THE CITY OF THE FUTURE... WHAT IF?

the STADTWERKSTATT is dedicated to future scenarios by students of the Department of Urban Design at RWTH Aachen University, who are looking at Aachen in 2040+. The focus here is on projects that deal with sustainable, resource-saving and demand-oriented ideas for liveable urban spaces. It will also take a look at the interactions between urban development and the digital transformation in everyday life. How autonomous vehicles or aquaponics could affect the design and planning of urban neighbourhoods or what possibilities this creates for urban development to promote lively neighbourhoods or bring more greenery into the city can be seen at OecherLab from 11 January to 19 February 2022. Topics such as mobility, production and trade, energy and resources will be examined from an urban planning perspective and show a small sample of the diverse challenges and tasks that future urban planners and architects will face in their exchange with urban society.

OecherLab – Aachens smartes Co-Creation Center

Aachen's first Co-Creation Centre serves as an open and co-creative real laboratory for partnership-based cooperation between citizens, city administration, politics, science and business. Low-threshold offers invite visitors to get to know and try out concepts and prototypes. The exhibits cover the topics of smart retail and liveable city centres, work 4.0, intelligent mobility and the digital health industry. On the one hand, there are ethical questions that the project partners would like to discuss with civil society, and on the other hand, there is the general question of whether or not an innovative concept will be accepted by the people of Oechs. A smart city means inclusion and participation. What else it can mean for Aachen is what the OecherLab would like to develop with the city society. Anyone interested in Aachen will have the opportunity to use the premises, for example to try out co-working on site or to take part in various dialogue formats and citizen projects. Aachen's mayor, Ms Keupen, as well as the Science Office and the Citizens' Forum can also be found on site with office hours to talk to citizens.