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All access is only possible from the university network or via VPN.

On the use of e-books:

As general binding information, §60 Copyright Law applies above all.

It is important to know that downloading and saving a pdf is legally considered a copy/duplication.

You may download (as far as possible) and save the pdf for your own scientific purposes (Lt. § 60c at 75 %).

You may pass on the link to the pdf (e.g. the permalink to the catalogue entry of the university library), but not the pdf itself (that would be distributing a copy).

You may print the pdf to the extent permitted by copyright law (currently 15%) for the purposes mentioned in § 60, but you may not distribute it.

In addition, many e-book providers set further restrictions on use, which are as varied as the providers themselves. These result from the licence agreements, technical restrictions on access (authentication, DRM) and special conditions of individual providers (e.g. with regard to semester libraries and interlibrary loans).