17th architecture biennale - How will we live together?

  Reicher, Enders and von Hoegen in front of the plans Copyright: © städtebau

On the occasion of the 17th Architecture Biennale in Venice under the title *How will we live together?* we were able to co-exhibit in the exhibition *Time.Space.Excistence.* of the European Culture Centre (ECC) in Palazzo Bembo last weekend.

Our contribution to the exhibition is to be understood as an atlas of various immaterial cultural forms in the Rhineland area. In order to bring the sites of the community, as third places between living and working and thus as "living rooms of the Rhenish Revier", into a new picture of the region, the maps were individually illustrated according to cultural form. After analyzing and structurally examining the eight cultural forms, important insights could be gathered regarding the "relocatability" of such identity-forming places. Depending on the cultural form and region, formative patterns can be read in the maps, which partly also arise from interactions between the cultural forms.

  our contribution Copyright: © städtebau

The atlas was created in the collaboration of 24 students from the master's programs Architecture | Urban Planning | TCR in the research field "derive - Umherschweifen im Rheinischen Revier" under the direction of Marie Enders, following the work of the Revierknoten Raum, with the chairmanship of Prof. Christa Reicher, the Zukuftsagentur Rheinisches Revier.

We are happy to work with our students to bring this potential of the region into international circulation, true to the motto "How will we live together in the future?".


La Biennale di Venezia 2021 | „How will we live toegether“ | 22.05. - 21.11.2021
European Cultural Centre - Palazzo Bembo | Time.Space.Existence.

Abeer Al Hinai, Patrick Birkhoff, Yuil Chang, Marie Dewey, Lea Erdwiens, Lukas Frenzel, Paul Funk, Luca Grittner, Eva Hoppmans, Vanessa Kucharski, Johanna Lebender, Charlotte Lindner, Sophia Lieberich, Riya Mandal, Miriam Mathein, Mirhat Neziri, Anatol Pabst, Lea-Kathrin Scholz, Hoda Soliman, Julia Streziok, Nathalie Tenten, Laura Vonhoegen, Sandra Wieser, Johannes Zerfaß ​