2020: "Sustainable Housing" Exhibition Euskirchen


Designs from the M2-project

model of Hoyun Yoo © städtebau

Starting in mid-October, master students at the Chair of Urban Planning and Design at RWTH Aachen University will be able to exhibit their designs from the M2 project "Sustainable Housing" in the Euskirchen District House.

The drafts were used to develop concepts and situational solutions for two very different plots of land in the district town of Euskirchen and the municipality of Kall. Here, emphasis was placed on the context-related embedding of future-oriented superstructures with a large proportion of living space, but also other suitable uses, which the students developed in the course of the courses that ran over two semesters. The students were to place a special focus on the consistent use of analysis results in a framework plan and the concrete elaboration in floor plans and sections on a scale of 1:200. The results provide a good basis for discussion for the Alliance for Housing, in which the participating actors from the district, the political communities and the housing market in the district want to promote the development of sustainable housing construction. 

The exhibition starts with a vernissage in the foyer of the district house on Tuesday, October 13, 2020 at 5 pm. Interested parties are invited to attend after prior registration with the district administration.

The address of the district house is: 

District administration Euskirchen
Jülich Ring 32
53879 Euskirchen