Urbanization Patterns and Settlement Development in Oman

  Urban Patterns Oman  

The exhibit offers a comprehensive look at the research results from GUtech, which were acquired from collaboration with Sultan Qaboos University,  RWTH Aachen, TU Berlin, and ETH Zürich in the past years. The research project was funded by TRC –The Research Council Oman.

A Glance at the Topic

While the historical oasis settlements are increasingly falling apart, a corridor of urban sprawl and urbanization is spreading out along the coastal strip from Muscat to Musandam. Transformation processes in rural regions are simultaneously leading to similar "sprawl landscapes." It appears the growth of the cities and rural communities can no longer be controlled. The research project "Towards Sustainable Urbanisation Patterns in Oman“ is dedicated to these tendencies and documents and characterizes these urbanization patters in the metropolitan area of Muscat, in order to identify and analzye the effects and mechanisms that steer this process in a second phase.

With presentations by:
Prof. Dr. Sonja Nebel, Dipl.-Ing. Anne Eaton, Aysha Farouk


Prof. Rolf Westerheide

Opening of the Exhibition

October 13, 2014, 6pm


October 13 to 24, 2014