Large professional congress on the campus of the EBZ Bochum: "Innovative Neighborhood Development and Urban Transformation"

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Thursday, February 02, 2023, 12:00am

Living and working in attractive neighborhoods in the future. A vision that is as rewarding as it is complex. But how does it work? And what do people mean by 'livable' and 'attractive'?"

As a prelude to regular specialist events on urban transformation, the Congress for Innovative Neighborhood Development builds several bridges at the same time as an independent burning glass by allowing well-known personalities from a regional network of science, municipalities, companies and politics to have their say on pressing, practical issues of modern neighborhood development.

The topic of urban transformation and innovative neighborhood development is set to grow at the EBZ in the future. Cities and neighborhoods in the entire Ruhr region and in North Rhine-Westphalia are to be put in a position where they can use the combined knowledge from other "real laboratories" to better find their own way in neighborhood development.