Third Bochum Quarter Congress

Wednesday, 1st of September 2021, 2pm

Dying inner cities or vibrant neighborhoods?

The Corona virus still has us in its grip, and society is only slowly pulling itself free again after considerable restrictions and sacrifices. The inner cities are falling by the wayside - at least that's the impression one might get. The farewell to the "city", which has been characterized by trade for centuries, is omnipresent. At the same time, we have been experiencing a clear focus on the neighborhood - the local area - for some years now. Mixed-use neighborhoods, whether in new or existing buildings, appear to be a "resilient" variant and a future model for urban development. Could this also be applied to inner cities? What do we take away from the neighborhood debate for (inner) city development?

In the now third edition of the Bochum Neighborhood Congress, we want to address these questions. Due to the pandemic, we have decided to hold the congress in a short version "online" this year and then hopefully to start again with a congress in presence next year. However, we are even more pleased that we have succeeded in finding top-class speakers for this edition.

The event will take place on September 1, 2021, 2:00 pm - 5:00 pm. Registrations are available at Thanks to the support of our sponsors, the event is once again free of charge.


  • 13.30 Come-in
  • 14.00 Plenary session

Prof. Christa Reicher (RWTH Aachen University)
Prof. Dr. Rolf G. Heinze (Ruhr University Bochum / InWIS)

Alexander Rychter, Association Director of VdW Rheinland-Westfalen

The banalization of the neighborhood?
Andreas Schiller, Journalist (among others F.A.Z.)

The future of the city center
Prof. Dr. Alain Thierstein (Technical University of Munich)

Moderation: Prof. Dr. Torsten Bölting (EBZ Business School, InWIS)

  • 15.30 Session 1: Living and working in the quarter

Living and working - the return of work to the neighborhoods
Rasmus C. Beck (Managing Director of Duisburg Economic Development)

House of Nerds? New Work in the Quarter using the example of Espelkamp
Hans-Jörg Schmidt (Managing Director Aufbaugemeinschaft Espelkamp GmbH)

Moderation: Dr. Dieter Kraemer (InWIS)

  • 15.30 Session 2: Saving the climate in the neighborhood!

Energy and mixed use as drivers for innovation in the quarter
Marion Sett (Managing Director Aachener Siedlungsgesellschaft mbH, VdW)

Green-blue infrastructure as a future option for neighborhoods and cities
Prof. Dr. Uli Paetzel (Board of Directors Emschergenossenschaft)

 Moderation: Prof. Dr. Rolf G. Heinze (Ruhr University Bochum, InWIS)

  • 15.30 Session 3: Steering instruments for neighborhood development

New land policy as a basis for change processes
Carina Christian (Head of Office for Urban Development, Herten)

Urban control instruments for resilient inner city neighborhoods
Christoph Vogt (Managing Director Entwicklungsgesellschaft Aachen-Büchel)

Moderation: Prof.'in Christa Reicher (RWTH Aachen)

  • 16.30 Plenum

Not squatting on pillars, but lying in a hammock! How we coordinate inner city and neighborhood development
Dr. Frank Dudda (Mayor of the City of Herne)

Outlook 2022
Prof. Christa Reicher (RWTH Aachen) in discussion with Prof. Rolf G. Heinze (Ruhr University Bochum, InWIS) and Dr. Frank Dudda (Lord Mayor of Herne)

  • 17.00 End of the event


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