RWTH Aachen University and IDEA League International Colloquium

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The impact of technological innovation on transforming city regions

Join us for an exciting day of debate and agenda setting discussion!


Conveyers: Professor Christa Reicher and Dr. Ceren Sezer, RWTH Aachen University, Chair of Urban Design and Institute for Urban Design and European Urbanism


The city-regions in Europe and beyond are facing major challenges to provide affordable housing, reducing environmental footprints, promoting the integration of various communities, encouraging efficient and connected public transport, among others.  Technological developments and innovation offer solutions to tackle these challenges. This colloquium invites participants to an exciting day of debate and agenda setting discussion on the impact of technological innovation in transforming city-regions with the contributors from academia, local and regional governments, European Commission, UN Habitat and industry.

The topic of this colloquium is strongly aligned with European but also global agendas of urban/regional design and planning research and practice, as it is promoted by European Commission, JPI Urban Europe, and the UN Habitat Urban Agenda. This topic is also elaborated in the educational curriculum of RWTH Aachen University Chair of Urban Design and forthcoming IDEA League Mass Online Open Course, (MOOC), by the lecturers of RWTH Aachen University, Delft University of Technology, ETH Zurich, Politecnico di Milano and Chalmers University.

The IDEA League MOOC 'The impact of technological-innovation on transforming city-regions' is available in open access for students, governments and industry from September 2020.