Good Practice Workshop: City Regions

Thursday, 16.11.2023 to Saturday, 18.11.2023

Resilience as a Responsive development by Higher Education

Informal development, unorganized urban sprawl on one level, depopulation, and shrinking cities on the other, are crucial challenges facing cities nowadays. Through the partnership of the higher education institutions taking part in this project, challenges of urban rural development will be tackled and analyzed towards more social responsibility of universities in the local settings to enable better social inclusion and sustainable resilient development in the corresponding cities. 

The main goal of this application is to enable and establish an effective network of partners from Cairo University in Egypt, Notre Dame University in Lebanon and the German Jordanian University in Jordan with the RWTH Aachen and the Bauhaus University Weimar in Germany. Aims of this partnership is to tackle urban growth in city regions in the MENA Region and accumulate research through exchange to bring in scenarios of better and more resilient development based on different pillars of challenges facing these cities. The anticipated project will discuss the following questions: 1. How can collaboration prepare the cities and institutions to capitalize on their assets and sketch a better vision for a more resilient development in term of urban growth? 2. What can be learned from best practices in Germany? 3. How can educational institutions be part of the development in cities and regions in the MENA Region?

To this end, the project will investigate two main case studies in both Cairo and Lebanon. To tackle these points and articulate crosscutting fields of interest set as an added value out of this planned proposal, three levels of intervention are considered in this application:

  1. Establishing a line of exchange of different stakeholders including students, young researchers, and professors as well as representatives of non-academic institutions that are expected to transfer knowledge and plans to own agendas of their organizations and contribute to the line of development in the corresponding cities.
  2. Interactive sessions and workshops with multi-dimensional exchange of knowledge and experience and learning from best practice strategic interventions in Germany to transfer and adapt.  This should form as a base for a future network of partners that can set forth for further future collaborations – please see program and map attached.

This workshop is part of a DAAD funded cooperation between RWTH Aachen University, Bauhaus-University Weimar, Cairo University, Notre Dame University-Louaize and German Jordanian University.