Annual Conference on Urban Heritage Preservation 2022: Focus on Landscapes

27 October 2022, 9 am to 6 pm

Industrial landscape with title Copyright: © städtebau

Landscapes in focus - cultural heritage as an opportunity

Venue: Waschkaue in the Hansa coking plant | Emscherallee 11, 44369 Dortmund

Registration until 23 October

Urban planning issues are commonly associated with the development of urban environments. However, planning and building does not only take place in metropolises and agglomerations. Central European landscapes are culturally shaped and in the course of history have been repeatedly subjected to changes through building interventions or, conversely, are only perceived as landscapes through such changes. In many places, monuments and monument ensembles such as monasteries, settlements or industrial plants are in close interaction with the surrounding (open) space. Due to recent planning, monuments and landscapes alike are coming under pressure and the limits set at federal and state level to reduce the consumption of open space are regularly exceeded. What does it mean when monuments are affected by such interventions? How can the values of historical as well as newly created landscapes be preserved despite the building boom and even be understood as an opportunity for the future in the sign of climate change? Can urban monument preservation with its instruments provide assistance in balancing the interests?