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What does roughness (development) have to do with innovation?

Has anyone ever asked themselves this question? Surely!

Has anyone answered it? Probably.

Has anyone answered it for the Rhenish mining area? Probably not.

Reason enough for two players in the Rhenish Revier to investigate this question. Prof. Christa Reicher and Prof. Christiane Vaeßen are jointly organizing a conference on the topic of space and innovation - neuRAUMdenken

on the 17th of May 2021, online, via Zoom

Why these two? Because they are driving structural change in the Rhineland from precisely these two perspectives - innovation and space. In addition to these two, there are of course many other experts who will inspire you. That's a promise.

So if you've asked yourself the following questions and haven't found the answers yet, neuRAUMdenken is the place for you.

  • How can we design spaces that - especially in border areas - successfully generate innovations and sustainably promote value creation and employment?
  • How does space promote a culture of innovation? And conversely, how do innovations contribute to spatial development that is worth living in for people?
  • How did success stories come about, spaces that are considered particularly innovative? What answers do European spaces provide?


You will find the registration form for the event on the website of the Aachen Region.