Annual Conference on Urban Preservation

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Thursday, 31th October 2019

"CITY UNDER PRESSURE - Climate Change and Cultural Heritage"

With the growing demand for density and intensive land use, our cities are coming under increasing pressure: socially, politically, infrastructurally and not least ecologically. Heat waves, heavy rainfall and air pollution make it clearer than ever that a social-ecological turnaround is urgently needed to counter climate change constructively.

If we want to switch to ecologically optimized urban structures, buildings and lifestyles, our cities and everyday urban life would have to look completely different. But the "European city" still carries us, we can still enjoy Wilhelminian-style quarters, preserve monuments and at the same time re-densify urban quarters and build many new ones. More than ever, however, the question arises as to what a clever, sustainable transformation of the compact city familiar to us into socially and ecologically sustainable urban structures, open spaces and existing buildings should look like.

This year's Annual Conference on the Preservation of Historical Monuments addresses this question. It is dedicated to the interaction between ecological sustainability and cultural heritage in the city and would like to discuss these questions: How can contradictions between the preservation of existing structures and ecological requirements be resolved? Where are the conflicts and synergies between climate adaptation and the preservation of cultural heritage in the city? What of all the things that we like and trust about cityscapes and urban identity should be put to the test? Can a balance be struck between the preservation of valuable and listed buildings, the concern for densification and the desire for more open space and ventilation? Which instruments can help?

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