Exhibition: Waterfront Havana Cuba

  figure ground plan in red, havana Copyright: © städtebau

Wednesday, 23th of October 2019 - Sunday, 27th of October 2019, Ludwig Forum Aachen

A journey to a largely unknown country:
The bachelor thesis of the summer semester 2019 was preceded by a guided excursion to Cuba, which lasted several days and was attended by a large number of students as well as employees of the Faculty of Architecture of the RWTH Aachen, the Faculty of Architecture of the FH Aachen and the Faculty of Spatial Planning of the TU Dortmund.

In addition to design workshops, lectures and guided tours, a drawing excursion was also part of the programme. The participants were guided by Prof. Thomas Tünnemann, who teaches design at the FH Aachen.  Drawing tools were ink, charcoal, watercolour, pencil and gouache.

In the summer semester of 2019, drafts for an underused railway station area were developed on the basis of the findings of the excursion. These student works, in the course of the bachelor's theses, as well as further impressions of these courses will be exhibited from 23 October in the Ludwig Forum Aachen.

This exhibition will be accompanied by an introductory lecture by Prof. Dr. Jorge Peña Díaz of the CUJAE University in Cuba.

Studio Projects, Photo Exhibition & Sketches

Amr Hamdi | Birgit Dewey | Britta Schmitt | Christine Hahnel | Denise Hesse | Domenic Schneck | Fabienne Scheid | Florian Anhalt | Franziska Müller | Hannah Eichel | Hendrik Herrmann | Jens Hoppstädter | Joel Kruber | Julia Kasprek | Julia Schlüter | Julian Hampe | Karen Riehm | Katharina Stommel | Konrad Zahn | Lara Lojian | Leon Lensing | Lina Friedrich | Lotte Bastert | Lucy Wang | Magdalena Nickel | Marc Palmen | Marei Asche | Melika Naderi | Nico Weersth | Patrick Birkhoff | Paula Günster | Rosa Homann | Sarah Dahmen | Selina Stollenwerk | Shbani Nagy | Simon Kölsch | Sina Samadi | Sven Kohlschmidt | Svenja Becker | Thilo Loose

Fabio Bayro Kaiser | Canan Çelik | Holger Hoffschröer | Päivi Kataikko-Grigoleit | Christoph Klanten | Prof. Anne Klasen-Habeney | Marcus Lumma | Sarah Müller | Prof. Thomas Tünnemann

Exhibition Opening & Discussion

23 October 2019 // 5 PM
welcome by interim Director Myriam Kroll

Prof. Dr. Jorge Peña Díaz
„Havana‘s Next 500‘s: On the challenges of the half a millennium old city“
moderated by Prof. Christa Reicher

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