6th talk: Efficiency & decarbonization in heat supply up to date - tecniques, investmens, operating costs and funding programs.

Thu., 17 February 2022, 6 pm to 7.30 pm

Thorsten Coß

Managing Director, avu serviceplus

The need to increase efficiency and reduce energy consumption in the heating and hot water generation of existing buildings is completely undisputed. 

Quite different from electricity supply, heat generation almost always takes place in the individual building and is tailored to it. This leads to a high degree of complexity in the renovation of existing buildings, the lack of standard solutions, and there is often a fear of making the wrong decisions on the part of those concerned and those carrying out the work. 

The lecture will provide the basics of heat supply and the available refurbishment techniques. The focus will be on the technical and economic limits of refurbishment in existing buildings and the resulting need for decarbonization of energy sources, which will then also provide many starting points for a broad discussion.


  • Chair and Institute for Urban Design
  • Research College Sustainable Energy Systems in Neighborhoods 

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