Of the risks and side effects of city life [2/3]

Tuesday, December 19, 2023, 6pm


  • Prof. Dr. Harald Schmidt, University Maastricht
    From the end of medicine as we knew it - why our cities must look different
  • Torsten Anstädt, Neighborhood activist, humaQ gGmbH, Care for Innovation e.V. Wiesbaden
    The neighborhood as a place of holistic supply and care


N.N. Bachelor graduates of RWTH Aachen
Well-being quarter/ health quarter Antonius in Fulda 


  • Antje Rüter, StädteRegion Aachen
  • Astrid Siemens, nursing staff representative StädteRegion Aachen
  • Prof. Dr. Marcel Schweiker, Head of the teaching and research area Healthy Living Spaces, University Hospital
    RWTH Aachen


Ralf Zimmer-Hegmann, ILS Dortmund


Foyer of the Reiff Museum