A breath of fresh air for city centers [2/3]

A breath of fresh air for the city centers 

The slogan "If retail dies, the city center dies" seems to be outdated. This is already proven by many successful conversion concepts: from shopping street to service mile, from department store to contemporary working space, from retail and parking garage to residential.

  • Prof. Kühl, Director Difu Berlin 
    Inner cities as places of cultural identity, value creation and social interaction 
  • N.N. "Die Stadtretter"/Fraunhofer IAQ
    Innovation partnership "City Center 2030+ I Future Public Space". 


On and above the rooftops of the city - concepts of students RWTH Aachen University 


Prof. Cordula Neiberger, RWTH Aachen University 


Jens Imorde, Inner City Network NRW, Münster


Foyer of the Reiff Museum I Faculty of Architecture + digital feed