PND Issue Il/2010: Focal Topic USA




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The new issue of PND is online. The articles build links between the old and new world across the Atlantic. The focus of this issue is, in the category SURVEY, articles by Ralph Buehler/John Pucher/Uwe Kunert, Sonja Hirt, Robert Pütz, Vera Klein/Juliane Pegels, Karina M. Pallagst, Johann Jessen/Heike Mayer, Gerhard Fehl and Markus Hesse, who deal either monographic or comparative with excerpts of planning processes in Germany and the USA.
In addition, we point out interesting readings and events in the categories READING RECOMMENDATIONS and NEWS. The current Editorialpresents an overview of the contents.
The complete issue is available on the online platform: »Planung neu denken«