Form Follows Technology

Deep Ice Sheet Coring Drill






Form Follows Technology was a successful attempt to involve former students ? today members of staff at high-level London architecture offices ? as tutors in two consecutive design seminars. The design task was a mobile prototypical functional entity with self-determined usage. The common subject of the first task was water, that of the second task extreme cold. Both topics shared the requirements of industrial production in lightweight construction and unproblematic transportation. In addition to the usual basic considerations, mentoring focused on the application of 3D CAD- modeling techniques, rapid prototyping and computer-based design methods (parametric modeling software) with the aim of attaining problem solutions on the highest possible level of the available resources. The design process was supported and inspired by presentations delivered by guest lecturers from industry and science, from outside and from within the RWTH. The topics of the presentations ranged from aerospace to high-rise and industrial indoor facility construction to the use of innovative materials. After the intermediate reviews in Aachen and London, a public conference took place in Aachen?s Super C, in which speakers (partly former RWTH graduates) explained and put up for discussion different building projects from the highly technological fields of architecture and of civil engineering. The Department would like to thank Dirk Krolikowski and Falko Schmitt for their commitment in organizing and hosting the project, as well as Dennis Austin (RSH+P London), Jeroen Coenders (ARUP Amsterdam), Dierk Frenzen (AIRBUS Bremen), Daniel Hecker (Grimshaw Architects London), Marc Hoppermann (UN Studio Amsterdam), Prof. H.-G. Reimerdes (Institut für Leichtbau RWTH Aachen), Steffen Riegas (UN Studio Amsterdam), Felix Weber (ARUP Materials London), Dan Wright (RSH+P London) and Ozan Yalniz (ARUP Building Engineering London) for their inspiring contributions. Very special thanks is addressed to the student advisory board for the use of tuition fees, without whose moral and financial support the project and its documentation could not have been realized.

Documentation: Dirk Krolikowski, Falko Schmitt, Mirko Baum (Hsg.), CONSTRUCTION, 109 pages, Aachen ? London 2009, ISBN 978-3-00-028729-9 The brochure can be purchased for a nominal fee of 5 ? at the Department of Constructive Design.