Exhibition of the Bachelor Theses 'Sediments' in Duisburg

Ausstellung Bachelorarbeiten in der Salvatorkirche, DuisburgSandra Hortz

On the occasion of the European Heritage Day on September 13th 2009, five of the altogether 17 bachelor theses 'Sediments' from the Department of Building Construction 2, were exhibited in Duisburg in the Salvator Church.
The site in Duisburg, one of the oldest cities of the Lower Rhine, turns out to be a heterogeneous field within the urban context. The place as such has lost its former function as a market. The old covered market dating from the 14th century was uncovered in the course of extensive excavations between 1980 and 1990. After the examinations were completed, parts of the findings remained accessible to the citizens under the name "Archaeological Zone Old Market".
On the one hand, the protective building with associated basis for the documentation and conservation of the historic site Duisburg Old Market is supposed to protect the ruins of the old covered market. On the other hand, the place situation is hoped to be revitalized and strengthened. Here, the aim is to develop an approach to the handling of the stock and the urban context as well as to identify the constructive requirements of the site and to ingrate them into an overall concept.
The club 'Projects on Living History e.V.' enlivened the Old Market around the ground memorial of the old covered market with stands dedicated to the subject Eating and Drinking in the Middle Ages. The three guided tours of the exhibition were well-attended.